A Beautiful Doll Needs Beautiful Hair

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Part of the appeal of porcelain dolls is their soft, shiny hair. Their hair adds style and character, giving them a lifelike appearance. If you need hair for your dolls, turn to Mohair by Debbie. You can buy as many yards as you want and even serve wholesale companies.

Our wefted hair is made from hand-sorted and hand-washed mohair. It is dyed using a specially formulated acid dye that preserves its beauty and luster. You can choose from 16 different colors. Not sure which to choose? We hand out free sample cards with touchable swaths.

Ask about our wefted hair options now by emailing drathbun1@stny.rr.com

Choose your ideal length

How much of our beautiful wefted hair are you interested in buying? You can purchase by the half-yard, yard and two-yards. Plus, you can choose from three different lengths:

  • Short hair, up to four inches = $34.50 per yard.
  • Medium to long hair, up to six inches = $37.00 per yard.
  • Extra-long hair, above six inches = $42.25 per yard.
Order top-of-the-line hair for your dolls from Mohair by Debbie today. You can buy hair by the half-yard for $24.